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Atopos is defined as “unclassifiable, of an unforeseen originality” - Friedrich Nietzsche. Carol Peligian explains that atopos is “unique, the singular image which has miraculously come to correspond to the specialty of my desire.”

Peligian, an American artist based in New York, creates work that represents the ineffability of life; the spirit, pure and perfect, juxtaposed against the physicality of human frailties. The celestial balanced with the corporeal. The macro and the micro. A “clean line plucked from a tangle of possibilities”.

She strives to work at that precise point where her conscious and subconscious merge and allows her to invite an alchemy driven by a desire to birth her art. She views herself as the middleman, a connector, a witness to our time and place, giving us the opportunity to experience her interpretation that may resonate with us, if only we take the time and moment to stop and explore.

Peligian interprets Atopos with three paintings and a sculpture, molded in part by her own body and containing a secret within its exoskeleton. The ethereally reflective surfaces of both the paintings and sculpture changes colors and impact, depending on the viewer’s stand point both physically and emotionally. It also demands that the viewer participate in the art, for it is impossible not to be mirrored as you stand in their presence.

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