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Princess Ormolu is a shadowy figure, but her tags and her images have appeared in midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and recently Paris during Fashion Week. She is of indeterminate gender, perhaps a male-to-female trans. She prefers to be known as a person. She is never seen without a face covering.

In the macho world of street art, her images are feminine and depict her favorite princesses, especially their dresses. Among her chosen are Princess Di, Princess Kate, Princess Jackie O, Princess Leia, and Princess Phone. Her recent mash-ups of the Disney princesses and the Barbie princesses have pushed her even further underground to avoid corporate wrath.

It is rumored through her friends that she was born on Staten Island, about thirty-five years ago. Her wish is to create enough famous princesses to tag the pedestals of the statues of every queen of France in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris.

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