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Pajtim Osmanaj was born in 1990 in Istog, Kosovo. A graduate of the Arts Academy of Kosovo, he has participated in several exhibitions in Europe. He has been living in NYC for 2 years.

His paintings are inspired by nature as he always tries to explore something new: new techniques, textures and using different materials to create unique environments.

His colors are used in a personal way for him to generate a meditative state. Among his recent themes are the series “Spring Leaves” and “Horses in Nature”.


2006-2010 / High school of Art “Odhise Paskali” Peje-Kosovo

2010-2013 / Academy of Art at university of Pristina-Kosovo


2007 / Italian army camp-Peje Kosovo

2008 / Art colony –Peje Kosovo

2008 / Italian army camp-Peje Kosovo

2010 / “Independent day” at national gallery Peje Kosovo

2011 / “8marsi”at national theater Pristine Kosovo

2011 / students exhibition at Academy of Art –Pristine Kosovo

2012 /Caffe gallery Hani I Dy Roberteve – Pristine Kosovo

2012 / students exhibition at Academy of Art –Pristine Kosovo

2013 / students exhibition at Academy of Art –Pristine Kosovo

2013 / “Ura me tre harqe” at national gallery –Tirane Albania

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