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Philippe Echaroux(b. 1983) is a French Photographer and Street Artist.

Echaroux started his carrier as a celebrity portraitist for famous French and English people, working for both the press and advertising.

Yet today he is widely expressing his creativity as a street artist.

He is the inventor of concept Street Art 2.0, a project called “Paintings with lights", which kicked-off in his home city of Marseille in March 2014 and created a buzz in more than 44 countries less than two weeks later.

His favorite tool, the light, doesn’t leave any imprint on the locations he uses to exhibit his street art and the beauty of it is therefore ephemeral.

Echaroux won in 2008 the international DIOR Competition Award for Photography, only after one year working as a professional photographer, creating a boost in his career and since then his popularity hasn’t stopped growing.

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