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Silvère Jarrosson was born in Paris in 1993. He graduated from the Paris Opera Ballet School, before turning to abstract painting where he has explored the expressive possibilities of acrylic set in motion. 

In 2012, he worked with the painter Wilmer Herrison whose works about optic art have influenced his own creation. He also assisted the painter Sonia Burel in 2013. His long and lonely hikes across the Gobi and the Atacam deserts or the forests of Amazonia and Malaysia are also part of his creative drive. 

Silvere Jarrosson's work is a reflexion about space and movement, physical as well as psycological. It is inspired by action painting of the american abstract expressionism, artists like Ryan Sullivan or Simon Hantai, the japanese Suminagashi technique, and by his own practice of dance. 

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